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Web Design

Zoom 4Kids Case Study

Platform: iOS, Android, Tablet, Desktop

Duration: 8 Weeks

A new kid-friendly experience for students K-5, solving the struggles of remote learning.

During the pandemic in 2020, 16 millions* of young learners across the globe have been transitioned from traditional in-person learning to remote learning at home. Zoom has been the school district's go-to tool for remote learning, however it's essentially a video conferencing platform for businesses and organizations to bring their teams together.

The challenge with this is that it's not easy for our younger users to use on their own as they gain independence. The main goal is to build a platform with a high level of accessibility for the young user to adapt to a kid friendly platform. *as of August 2020

UI/UX Designer
Concept Design for Zoom, Student Edition
Tools Used
Balsamiq, Photoshop, Sketch, Invision


I studied the top leading kid apps and decided to take a very basic approach to this challenge. Key takeaway - “Less is more”. I used the evaluative testing methodology with the existing ZOOM app. User interviews (5) both parents and student to understand pain points and behavior towards the functionality of the current zoom platform. I took a very basic approach when interviewing the young users:

• What do you see?

• What would you do?

• How do you feel?

• What do you like/ dislike?

Young Participants:

  • Elementary students K-5
  • Use web and table/mobile services regularly (4+ times a week)
  • In a virtual learning classroom setting

Parent Participants:

  • Has a elementary student K-5
  • Experience with web and table/mobile services
  • Assist young user in a virtual learning classroom setting

Recruiting Methods:

  • Teachers permission to contact other parents in the class
  • Ask parents if the young participants are interested in an interview on the survey
  • Facebook polls in parent group

Main User Flow

Low Fidelity Desktop Screens Classroom/Breakout Room

Key Findings

Quick glance at the main take-aways from the (5) interviews of the young users.

After assessing these notes I developed the key understanding of my persona.


The handwritten font used throughout the app and logo is “a little sunshine” by V. Bays indicates this kid-like atmosphere.

Our logo is a remake of the current zoom logo for the student edition version.

Our attributes:

• Controlled

• Fun

• Connected

• Creative

Future Developments

I plan to do another set of user feedback to improve the current version of iterations. Once additional user research is complete I plan to implement routes into the parent alerts feature.


In this project I learned how to recreate a platform for a younger target audience. Interviewing and creating solutions for students basic virtual educational needs.


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