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Case Studies

Featured Commercial Projects

My recent freelance client deliverables are confidential. Feel free to Contact me directly for more insight.

Coinbase, International

Role: UI/UX Designer. Using human-centered research methods I assisted Coinbase to discover missing features within the current cryptocurrency app. I created and presented user flows and wireframes. Designed LoFi /HiFi prototypes using Invision to demonstrate the additional feature.

Solution: Increased iOS + Android ratings within Apple App Store + Google Play, and to decreased the clients frustrations during their user experience.

Duration : 8 weeks

Mr. Clean Washout LLC, Local

Role: UI/UX Designer + Webflow Designer. Completely designed companies Corporate Identity and created social media profiles that included content creation and graphics. Using Sketch I presented redesigned wireframes. Using Webflow I redesigned a responsive website.

Solution: Instantly generated over $4k/monthly in sales by redesigning a responsive website that included integrating an appointment scheduling system. I increased customer engagement and business operating efficiency by also decreasing high customer call volume.

Duration : 11 months + ongoing

Conceptual Case Studies